Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pluggin' Along

Things are pretty boring around here which is a really good thing. I've been ready for the slow-down since last Thanksgiving. Right now I'm working on editing my straight contemporary novel which is going slowly. I'm at a part that needs heavy rewriting (as in delete these pages and start over kind of heavy), but I think once I get past this, I should move at a pretty steady clip.

Brooklynn and Brady are coming to spend the night with us this Friday, and it's my Friday to have Alec, so he's probably going to want to spend the night too. I plan to call his step-mom later and see how she wants to work this.

I did my first early-bird writing class with my local chapter this past Saturday and it went really well I think. We're listening to workshops from past conferences and working through the boot camp book I love so well. Hopefully many of us will be able to stay motivated through the year and be able to finish our projects and polish them up to perfection. I do the same class with my online group, but I'm having trouble finding a way to do the workshop tapes. I'm investigating free online radio services right now. The HHRW webmistress set up a site where I can upload the workshops for people to listen to during the month, so I'll start uploading them tomorrow.

My other two major active projects right now are my scrapbook recipe books for the kids and judging the Golden Heart entries I received. Did I say it was boring right now - I obviously was still asleep when I wrote that! hehehe.

I'm drinking my coffee right now, but I'm about to go do my cardio for the day. I really *hate* exercising, but it's so darn good for you. Dadgumit! Lane says if I do it enough I'll get to where I like it. I'm not sure I can do it that much. I mean, I really, really hate it. It's boring even when I listen to music or watch TV. I still want to be doing a second task (I live to multi-task). Ah well, maybe I'll figure something out. In the meantime, I have to go do it. I promised myself I would. (Please don't make me!).

*sigh* Off I go. Talk to you later!

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