Thursday, October 02, 2008

Port Huron and Through Canada

This is our camp at Port Huron. Very beautiful and nice. We ate supper at Appleby's and the waittress introduced herself and said 'I'll be helping yous.'

Here we are driving into Ontario, Canada. The border guy was really nice but asked a ton of questions. He came into our camper and looked around a bit. We had to show them the dogs' rabies certificates.

The speed limit was 100 in Canada!! Don't get excited, though. It's kilometers per hour which equals about 60 mph.

No billboards allowed along the highway in Canada. We only saw this one and one other, and they were way, way out in the farm fields. The countryside was incredible as you'll see with these pictures.

This is either Lake Erie or Ontario. Not sure which. The shot doesn't do it justice!

Hopping on the QEW to Niagra Falls! Notice the shape of the highway designation is a crown.

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