Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Just got back from national conference in San Francisco. Had a great time, but what I thought was a terrible allergy attack has turned into a cold. AND I came down with a bladder infection yesterday. My friends nicknamed me 'Tanks' because I can go so long without use of the facilities. Unfortunately, my capacity is down to a few drops at a time. Two different doctors have called in antibiotics (I was desperate and more than a bit wicked), so I'm soon off to the pharmacy.

I've been puttering in the yard today - so good to be home! This must be the year of the milkweed because mine are incredibly healthy since I've been gone. It's not too hot so after the pharm visit, I think I'll pull some weeds until it gets too hot. We're having big company this weekend, some who've never seen our house, so I'm trying to get it in extra good shape. And with my clutter, that is not an easy task. I like things where I can see them, okay? Drives my hubby bats.

Thanks to my great friend, KN (you know who you are!) I got to go to the Harlequin party this year at conference and had a freaking BLAST. You all know how I love to dance, and they were playing my favorite classics. Came home in an extreme writing mood.

Well, the tank is calling for attention, so I'm off to the ladies' room and then the pharmacy. You all have a great day and TTYL!


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Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you are feeling better even if you do have a cold and gladder infection. Life is good.
I've been in a dark cave for a year or so and am just now coming out into the world.
It was a rough year but I am feeling like my old self (not sure if that is good or bad) and decided to surf the blogs to check up on everyone.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time at National. They are something special for a writer. Nothing else like them.
Hope you are feel better now.
Fighter Chick

Anonymous said...

That's bladder not gladder infection.
LOL still can't type worth a flip.

The Pink Spyder said...

JO!!!! I've been wondering about you. How are ya?